Parley Goldie Beauty Cream

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Parley Goldie Beauty Cream Gives you Fair & Glowing skin only in 7 days. It gives you long-lasting fairness with a golden glow.


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Parley Goldie Beauty Cream is the best way to get Fair & Glowing skin. It gives you long-lasting fairness with a golden glow.  As a result of using this, can find Unique solution to 10 of our skin problems to keep skin clear and well nourished. It allows to keep the natural aspect of the skin.

Are you suffering from Skin care problems? 
Parley Goldie Beauty Cream is the best and perfect solution for the,

  1. Dark neck
  2. Knuckles
  3. Elbow
  4. Tanned feet
  5. Dark circles
  6. Dark Spots
  7. Black Heads (Blackheads are a type of acne)
  8. Wrinkles
  9. Freckles (Freckles are small flat spots your body)
  10. Pimples


  • Formulation – Cream
  • Suitable Skin type – For all Skin types
  • Weight – 30g
  • Recommended for the age under 12


  • The skin fair and removes freckles, wrinkles, and pimples.
  • Protects from harmful sun rays and side effects of makeup.
  • Clears stains and spots.
  • Make your skin soft and fair in just a few days.
  • Effectively gives a youthful glow
  • Regenerates skin cells for refreshed and soft skin
  • The light formula penetrates deep into the skin
  • The non-greasy texture ensures a matte finish
  • Brightens and brightens skin tone
  • Travel friendly packaging for convenience

For Dark neck, Knuckles, Elbow, Dark feet, Dark circles , Dark Spots, Black Heads, Wrinkles & Freckles, Pimples.